Work with Quality

Ezzyy Buddyy

A software platform which offers Mobile App and Website to manage and organize learning content centrally. The educator (Coaching classes, Schools etc.) will have their own dedicated Mobile App and Website to offer its content to their regular and external students. The solution is expected to expand the business beyond geographical reach and increase in performance of the students.

Habit ABC

A productivity android mobile App which can be used by individual or organization to increase productivity. The user can create various categories and activities. The activities can be set as daily, weekly, monthly, on specific dates etc. The user will either mark activity as done or skip it. The performance can be viewed for further action. Notifications can be set to remind the activity to be performed.


An architect firm struggles to keep track of their projects right from customer walks in with land record to project completion. This is a complete system takes care of end to end working of an Architect firm. It has intelligence built in such that list of required architectural drawings is created based on final concept and specifications of the project. The system offers automatic task assignments and expected completion timings. It has a separate section to manage all legal formalities which needs to be completed as per time lines. The system offers Alexa interface so that from anywhere you can know the status of any project, employees etc. The system is backed by a Mobile App for field engineers.

AIM Capture

A dedicated software to control hardware comprising of Servo motors, IDS Industrial camera, Gas and vacuum pump to capture pictures and videos of the raw diamond. The system is fast enough to process more diamonds and multiple machine can be operated by single person. The software is highly configurable to adjust camera, motor speed and various other settings.


An image processing software to realign and refine diamond images which can be fed in to 3D processing software to create a video and marking.


A sweet water supply companies who distribute filled water bottles and collect empty bottles. Neerja is complete Sweet water business management mobile App with a web based interface including inventory, accounting and billing. The analytics offers owner to chase customer if it detects the business with client is decreasing.

Label Printing

An organization needs to send letters, invitations time to time to their customers, well wishers, donors etc. A standalone software to manage addresses and printing of labels.

Bank Locker

A standalone software and mobile App to manage entry and exit of bank locker customers. The system manages individual, joint accounts, assigning officer and renewal of locker. The system uses finger print device.

Our Shailee

OurShailee is a social media platform for a community where the members can post their comments and articles. The system offers to create interest groups.

Player Manager

At any sports complex, it is important to keep record of entry, exit and which games players are enrolled for. A mobile App manages players enrolled in any sports in a sports complex.

Self Drive Car Rental

A self drive car rental company requires to keep record of their customer with their Licence. A mobile App is developed to manage cars and its rental along with document storage to have paper less operations.