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Machine-Computer interfacing

Any machines to be interfaced with Computer using computer program. The machine may have mechanical and electronics which can be programmed as per the requirements. The software can be developed as standalone software to run on PC or as firmware to store in a chip. We have experience working with machines consisting of motors, sensors, displays etc. We have used 89C51 microcontroller, Arduino, C#, VB and VC++ to develop various solutions.

Web & Mobile development (Core to advance)

We have extensive experience developing web solutions using .NET technologies, MSSQL, Xamarine and Flutter. We understand inside of web and hence able to develop seamless web solution.

Consulting services

We provide technical consultancy to help design solutions, address technical issues and improving existing software systems. So far, consulting services has been provided to various companies in India and abroad.

Educational consultancy

Having strong academic background, company provides consulting services to academic institution to Go Digital, Quality Educations, Curriculum Development, Online data bank, Exams, Infrastructure setup and so on.

Desktop Applications

Company takes up development of desktop applications as per clients specifications. Company has experience of such development starting from VB6.0, VC++ and C#.

Technical support Ops

Company has experience of providing technical support globally running the operation 24x7 in three shifts. Having proven experience of developing in-house software tools and training on products to better provide technical support and monitoring. Company is able to take up any challenges in undertaking Tech support operations.

Client's projects we worked on

A suite of software programs developed to create a platform which offers grabbing updates from websites. The system offers adding websites for scrapping and allows setting rules and customize programming to grab updates.

A suite of software programs developed to create a platform where economic data is grabbed, alerts are created and pushed into the client’s software product. This system needed to perform such that it should grab and push the alerts before client’s competitors.

A suite of software programs developed to create a platform which offers email business continuity. The system receives and sends email on client’s behalf and stores emails on two separate locations. In case of client’s mail server failure, clients can continue using email using web interface. When the Mail server is back online, the emails can be restored back from the system. This service is widely used by small and medium scale businesses who uses their own mail servers.

The system offers to set rules which are applied to all incoming and outgoing emails. The system is used by the companies where they do not want their employees to receive or send emails out of the organization before checking for its compliance. If any email is caught by the system, it will be notified to the compliance officer who will then check email & take appropriate action before passing it out.

It’s a web based email system with features not available in normal email systems. Various charity organizations are part of the system which gets benefited when users click on its links.

USB based hardware and web based interface system to automatically power ON-OFF rack mounted remote servers.

A suite of software programs developed to create a platform which receives and deliver emails to customize email client within milliseconds. The system streams email in real time as it is being received so that user can start reading or start downloading attachments before the whole email is being received.

The system used to monitor multiple CCTV feed and generate alert when something suspicious is detected by the monitoring staff. The system is being used where remote monitoring is needed.

A system to web-grab large number of websites and categorize them as per different channels. The users can subscribe to various channels to get the updates.

The system to extract pictures from the email, add properties to it and push them to the FTP server(s) as per recipients email address for further processing.

Around best 30 technical analysis theory is chosen and created 4000+ permutation to generate buy/sell alerts after comparing with past 10 years alerts. The system could be used for intraday and small/medium/long term trading. The system can be used by stock broker and investors.

The Express email system to send emails for tracking of emails. The sender would know if the recipient has read or downloaded attachments and how many times it has been accessed. The user can then follow up with client.